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Any job is executed to excellence.

Architectural Design

We work with our clients to illustrate architectural design possibilities from a simple sketch to final drawings. We will, also, oversee the project to its completion. We serve clients who need to renovate or update their home or business.


Portrait photography should be about capturing personality. This is our goal. Industrial and commercial photography needs personality, too, so we create images that are eye catching and accurate.

Graphic Design

From preliminary design to the finished product, our graphic illustrations must satisfy our clients and viewers alike. Our objective is to produce a creative, dynamic, classy product. Whether designing a poster, a book or a logo, the visual image must be long-lasting.


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Book Design

Poster Design


Jan van Steenwijk and Design Photo

  • Humble Beginnings

    Jan van Steenwijk was born in the Netherlands. On his 15th birthday, his parents gave him his first camera and one roll of film. His very first black-and-white pictures were exhibited at the local photo store — a photographer was born!

  • Moving on

    He studied photography in the Netherlands and Germany before moving to Copenhagen, Denmark. Later he worked for two years as the lead photographer for a large agency in Lund, Sweden. Returning to Denmark, he established his own studio. Within a few years, it became one of the largest studios in Scandinavia, serving clients with portrait and commercial photography, graphic design, and multi-vision presentations for corporate, local and international clients.

  • Phase three

    An invitation to the United States in 1982 brought him to 29 states to photograph and interview people from all walks of life. He wrote two books about his experiences: “Always on the Road” and “USAROUND – a personal meeting.” 

    In 1985, he moved to the Boston metro area in Massachusetts, where he now lives and continues to serve his clients. His business has also expanded to include architectural design.

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Creativity without exceptions

Jan van Steenwijk

Designer / Photographer

“Being creative is probably one of the most fun parts of my life. 

Inspiration comes once I have a pencil and paper - or a camera in hand.”

Bedford Photographer Showcase - Jan van Steenwijk from Bedford TV on Vimeo.
Music composed and performed by Michel van Steenwijk  ©

Jan is married to Barbara, and is deeply involved in local issues. He was the president of the Bedford Chamber of Commerce, Board Member of the local Cultural Council, the president of the Bedford Historical Society and is a board member of the Town’s Bike Committee. Barbara and Jan are avid bikers; he and his son Michel biked from Copenhagen to Paris twice, in 1969 and 2013.

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